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sara j cary

curriculum vitae



i have been captivated by science and nature since childhood.  my interest in these subjects solidified into a career during my studies at the university of california, santa cruz where I received a bachelor's degree in neuroscience and behavior.


living along the inspirational california coast, i developed a love for marine life.  this, combined with my love of the arts, took me to seattle, washington.  there, i attended the university of washington and earned a graduate certificate in science illustration.  i recently relocated to pittsburgh, pennsylvania.  i am enjoying discovering new flora and fauna and immersing myself into western pennsylvania’s natural history.


my preferred subjects include marine invertebrates, marine algae, and insects but I have a general interest in the natural sciences.  i enjoy not only the beauty of these subjects, but exploring the mechanisms by which they function, their complex physical structures, and their interconnectedness with their environment.  i strive to capture the whole story of a subject in order to create an image where an observer can completely understand the science and beauty.  i focus on revealing all facets through illustration and photography.


to expose so much through illustrations and photography requires background knowledge.  accordingly, i not only dedicate myself to my work while creating it, but also during outdoor exploration and thorough research.


my techniques include graphite, pen & ink, colored pencil, watercolor, and digital.  these techniques allow me to create detailed pieces to clearly communicate both beauty and information.


thanks and enjoy.


i currently live pittsburgh, pennsylvania. i am available to work on a variety of projects.  i have limited original pieces + prints at my etsy site. if there is a piece missing and you are interested, feel free to send purchasing inquiries via my contact page.

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