images of science and nature

illustrations + photography

sara j cary

"I just had to say thanks and "wow" for the sample of your work at the Preserve.  That was indeed a golden opportunity and it looks as though you made excellent use of it.  What beautiful detail you put on and in the beautiful little acorn. You get affectionate about these little bits of nature, don't you?  It's our way of admiring them, I think.  Your writing fit in well.  I like to do that, too, and always remember the caution our instructors had about artist's placing handwritten anything's in their work.  But you know when it does fit, and yours does, here." - Jeanne Boyd, GNSI


"...I've spoken with enthusiasm about your work with my wife, Linda, who is also a scientist, and she has admired both the Leonardo type and the clean schematics you have done for the worm stuff."  - Roger Brent, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Reserch Center


"I like the way you think." - Carolyn Barker, Huyck Preserve


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