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07.2013       Certificated Marine Naturalist

              Whale Museum - Friday Harbor, Washington

06.2006       Graduate Certification in Science Illustration

              University of Washington - Seattle, Washington

06.2004       Bachelors of Arts in Neuroscience and Behavior

              University of California - Santa Cruz, California


Continuing Education

11.2013       Mixed Media: How to Create Richly Detailed Art

04.2013       Silverpoint: a Renaissance Technique for Artists

02.2013       Sculpting form Sketching

10.2012       Drawing on Nature: Butterflies (+ other insects) Under the Scope

06.2012       How to Draw Baskets, Workshop with Margaret Davidson

01.2011       Drawing Botanical Subjects from the Wild

05.2010       Watercolor Dry-Brush Techniques Workshop

08.2009       Parallel Line Shading

07.2009       Travel Journaling

06.2009       Illustrator’s Dragonfly Workshop


Professional and Technical Skills

Mediums: Colored pencil, pen & ink, graphite, acrylic, water color, Adobe Creative Suite, PC, Macintosh, DSLR

Subjects: Laboratory animals (Mus musculus, Rattus norvegicus and others species), marine invertebrates, insects, plants and other subjects of the natural world


Professional Experience

03.2014 - ongoing    Journal Article Illustrator

                     Carnegie Mellon University - Hinman Lab (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

                     -Vector illustrations of gene expression pattern over time in seastar blastocysts

10.2009 - ongoing    Article and Presentation Illustrator

                     Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center - Brent Lab (Seattle, Washington)

                     -Vector illustrations of research subjects pertaining to DNA, yeast, nematodes, and cell signaling

02.2013 - 2.2014     President

                     Guild of Natural Science Illustrators - Northwest (Seattle, Washington)

                     -Chairperson of the Executive Committee

                     -Coordinated workshops

                     -Ran board meetings, workshops, and other guild events

                     -Primary chapter contact person

                     -Maintained website

08.2013 - 12.2013    Information Signage Illustrator

                     Sea Grant - Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Washington)

                     -Created sketches of Pacific Northwest beaches to be used as signage to educate the public.

01.2013 - 04.2013    Sundew Plant Illustration

                     Private Collector (Seattle, Washington)

                     -Researched Drosera capensis (Cape Sundew)

                     -Watercolor illustration examining the whole specimen

01.2011 - 12.2012    Logo Designer and Illustrator

                     Guild of Natural Science Illustrators – Northwest (Seattle, Washington)

                     -Various illustrations for use by the GNSI NW

10.2011 - 11.2011    Logo Designer and Illustrator

                     Washington Public Education Foundation (Seattle, Washington)

                     -Vector illustration created to represent “education support”

03.2008 - 08.2012    Newsletter and Article Illustrator

                     Earthcore/Seattle Urban Nature (Seattle, Washington)

                     -Color pencils illustrations representing Madrone and Hemlock urban habitats of the PNW

11.2010 - 06.2011    Book Chapter Illustrator

                     Comparative Anatomy & Histology: A Mouse and Human Atlas (Seattle, Wash-ington)

                     -Vector images of scientific concepts comparing rodent and primate central nervous system

                     -Researched new data and utilized old images.

                     -Created novel illustrations of a mouse version of the homunculus, both sensory and motor

10.2008 - 3.2009     Wedding Invitation Designer and Illustrator

                     Wedding of May and Ian Robertson (Seattle, Washington)

                     -Color pencil and watercolor illustrations of koi and lotuses

                     -Design and layout

10.2007  Memorial    Program Designer and Illustrator

                     Kathey Young-Berg (Seattle, Washington)

                     -Color pencil illustrations of various natural items found in the riparian habitat of the PNW

08.2007  Wedding     Invitation Designer and Illustrator

                     Alison and Tory O’Donnell (Seattle, Washington)

                     -Colored pencil illustrations of dahlias

                     -Design and layout

06.2007              Journal Article Illustrator

                     Alaska Ocean Observing System (Seattle, Washington)

                     -Pen and ink illustration of wave action in the intertidal

02.2007 - 01.2008    Newsletter Illustrator

                     Raisbeck Engineering (Seattle, Washington)

                     -Vector illustrations of various aerospace concepts



2012       Introduction to Science Illustration

           Liberty High School (Renton, Washington)

2012       SED Labs - Story Telling Through Art

           Secondary Academy for Success (Bothell, Washington)



2014       Art Farm (Marquette, Nebraska)

           -To be determined

2014       Helen Riaboff Whiteley Center (Friday Harbor, Washington)

           -Researched Pugettia gracili (Graceful Kelp Crab)

           -Watercolor illustration of the crab and decoration mediums

2010       The Huyck Preserve “Community.Environment.Art-Natural History” (Rensselaerville, New York)

           -Researched the weevil and Quercus rubra (Northern Red Oak Tree).

           -Colored pencil illustration the relationship between the weevil and the oak tree’s acorn.



2014       Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratories (Bar Harbor, Maine)

           “Art Meets Science”

2011       Evergreen Gallery, Evergreen State College (Olympia, Washington)

           “Guild of Natural Science Illustrators Annual Members Exhibit”

2011       Confluence Gallery (Twisp, Washington)

           “Birds, Bees, and Buds. Intimate Portraits of Flora and Fauna”

2010       Brotman Building, University of Washington (Seattle, Washington)

           “Images of Science and Nature”

2010       D. H. Hill Library Exhibit Gallery (Raleigh, North Carolina)

           “Guild of Natural Science Illustrators Annual Members Exhibit”

2008       Seward Park Environmental & Audubon Center (Seattle, Washington)

           “Images of Science and Nature”

2007       Tougo Coffee Company (Seattle, Washington)

           “Illustrating Nature”

2006       The Little Red Studio (Seattle, Washington)

           “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

2006       The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture (Seattle, Washington)

           “Illustrating Nature”

2006       The University of Washington Student Center (Seattle, Washington)

           “From Subject to Science”

2006       Compass Rose Gallery (Olympia, Washington)

           Olympia Art Walk



02.2014 - on going Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators

04.2009 - 03.2014  Guild of Natural Science Illustrators - Northwest

01.2010 - 02.2014  Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, Inc.



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